Dear Home Seller,

Most lists that rank stressful events inevitably have as two of the very top: divorce and moving.

When these two typically anxiety-causing events happen simultaneously, it results in what psychologists refer to as multiple traumas. The purpose of this educational content is to assist all those who find themselves in this
situation to effectively plan and therefore maximize the sale of their primary residence.

The information provided, while seeking to be as accurate as possible, is not intended to take the place of legal or financial counsel. Divorce laws differ by state, and each prospective divorce represents different circumstances and desired outcomes by each party. Therefore, since this content focuses on generalized information, it should only be used as a complementary guide to other divorce and real estate related information and professional guidance.

If you find yourself needing to explore the option of selling your home due to divorce, please contact me for a confidential chat at (949) 529-8787. Thank you for your kind attention.

Chad Hooper
HomeSmart Evergreen Realty

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