Dear Real Estate Consumer,

The purpose of this Real Estate Planning GuideSM is to enable you to better plan for your real estate future.

We believe that the process of carefully planning your real estate goals with a real estate professional – before you decide to buy, sell, or invest in real estate – is of vital importance.

The absence of a Real Estate Planning GuideSM might explain why there are millions of consumers who regret not having purchased more real estate, why many people do not have the significant net worth that real estate ownership can provide, and why individuals miss out on a variety of real estate opportunities.

Experience has taught that the planning stages of a real estate purchase are, all too often, conducted without the knowledgeable assistance of a real estate professional. Instead, in many cases, financial planners, CPAs (chartered accountants), attorneys (lawyers) and other advisors make real estate recommendations without a thorough understanding of the dynamics of the real estate industry or current and detailed market information. Moreover, some advisors, in their desire to counsel their clients to invest in a financial product which they more directly represent, are sometimes unwilling to present real estate in its proper perspective.

This Real Estate Planning GuideSM is offered to you by your real estate professional as a self-help guide, designed to allow you to more seriously consider where real estate planning fits or might fit, into your overall personal financial picture. It is not intended to suggest that we, or the real estate professional presenting our system, are financial planners or real estate financial planners. Your real estate professional will help you implement any and all real estate decisions, now or in the future, which may result from your Real Estate Planning GuideSM.


Chad Hooper
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