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Laguna Beach

A Luxurious Beachside Orange County Community

Located in southern Orange County, California, Laguna Beach is a popular seaside resort city. A popular location for out of town visitors, it sees annual tourism rates of 6 million people during its many events, including the Pageant of the Masters, the Festival of Arts, the Sawdust Art Festival and more. Laguna Beach has an estimated population of just under 23,000 people.

Laguna Beach offers residents a number of picturesque neighborhoods to choose from. North Laguna Beach contains a number of private, exclusive communities, including the private, gated community of Irvine Cove, Smithcliffs and Emerald Bay offer additional high-end housing opportunities for those who want to enjoy the overwhelming beauty of North Laguna Beach living.

Directly south of Irvine lies Laguna Canyon, which cuts through the San Juaquin Hills. Many of the art festivals mentioned above are held in Laguna Canyon and it is also the home of the first dog park in Orange County, California, the Laguna Beach Dog Park.

South Laguna is home to a number of the most famous beaches in the area, including Victoria Beach, Treasure Island Park, Three Arch Bay and more. With luxury housing options for those who demand the very best, South Laguna Beach offers truly unique living opportunities.

The Heart Of Laguna Beach

Beaches In The Village Area

Located in the Village Area lies the heart and soul of Laguna Beach. The Village Area contains downtown Laguna Beach and is by far the best option for those planning a visit to the area. The Village Area has a bit of everything there is to do in the greater Laguna Beach area, from shopping and dining options to art galleries and so much more.

The Village Area offers a number of beaches for those interested in spending their time by the sea. Thalia Street Beach or as it is more commonly known, T-Street, is a popular destination for surfers and skimboarders. For an alternative spot to surf, Brooks Street Beach also offers surfing.

Those looking to swim will need to visit Main Beach Park, however, as T-Street doesn’t allow for swimming. Main Beach Park is a more accessible beach option for those looking to spend their day by the ocean. Permitted activities include swimming, scuba diving and exploring the tide pools located at the north end of the beach. Visitors can also play volleyball and basketball on the beach.

Always Something To Do

Amenities of Laguna Beach

The Village Area also has a variety of parks and restaurants for residents to enjoy. Skyloft touts itself as “Laguna Beach’s Hottest Restaurant”, offering patrons a fun and relaxed environment to eat, drink and enjoy the night. Skyloft offers weekly specials like $10 burgers on Mondays, live music and special events and other special events.

Many of the restaurants found alongside the Village Area have live music events. Another example is The Cliff, which, along with the live shows, serves breakfast, lunch and dinner 7 days (and nights) a week. Touting its ocean-front, open-air dining experience and a selection of specialty cocktails, The Cliff has made a name for itself in Laguna Beach.

After dining, you may want to get up and stretch your legs. Luckily, Laguna Beach offers a number of nearby parks to do just that! Alta Laguna Park is one of the more popular parks and happens to contain the tallest part of Laguna Beach. This lookout spot is affectionately referred to as The Top of The World, and is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike.

While Alta Laguna is a larger, more frequented area, however there are a number of smaller park options available to those who wish to get outside. One such option is Crescent Bay Point Park, which is located on the bluff directly above Crescent Bay. Offering some of the most beautiful and relatively undiscovered views of the area, Crescent Bay Point Park is a must-visit the next time you’re in the mood for a gorgeous sunset view.

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