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Laguna Niguel is located in Orange County, California. A Suburban city found in the southeastern corner of Orange County, Laguna Niguel is one of the state’s first master planned communities. As a suburban community, it serves a role as the living area of many workers who work in the nearby communities. The median household income for residents of Laguna Niguel is nearly twice the national outcome, and is even 31 percent higher than the Orange County average.


The city grew rapidly between the 1980’s to today, and the population has recently stabilized, averaging just over 60,000 residents. This stabilization is no doubt due to the fact that building of the area is completed.

Unlike other bedroom communities that were developed at the time, Laguna Niguel was reportedly designed so that “families should have most of their economic needs and their social and cultural interests met by facilities within the community.” As part of this initiative, much of Laguna Niguel is made up of parks and open spaces. Nearly a third of the space in the city is comprised of these open spaces, making Laguna Niguel a comfortable place to live in and explore.

Parks in Laguna Niguel

Mountain Biking, Hiking and More

Aliso and Wood Canyons Wilderness Park is a 4,500 square acre regional park made up of coastal rugged canyons, grasslands and riparian woodlands. The park borders Laguna Niguel, as well as several other Orange County cities. Aliso and Wood Canyons Wilderness Park features areas where visitors can hike, mountain bike and engage in equestrian activities.

The park is also a well-known wildlife preserve, and is one of the largest sanctuaries in coastal Orange County for coyotes and bobcats. Several species that would otherwise disappear from Orange County find refuge in Aliso and Wood Canyons Wilderness Park.


Laguna Niguel Regional Park can be found in the middle of South Orange County. A relatively flat park, the area isn’t well suited to mountain biking, however the lands are perfect for those looking for a quiet walk or jog. Meanwhile, Crown Valley Park serves as the hub of Laguna Niguel’s recreational activities. The park features a newly renovated amphitheater for local performances, the Niguel Botanical Preserve, and the Crown Valley Park Pool, a heated public pool that is open to visitors year round.


Laguna Niguel is also home to about 80 miles of scenic local trails, meaning there’s always a new way for locals to explore the city. For more information on the variety of trails offered, click here. You can also view a map of the available trails here.

Laguna Niguel Community

Connecting With Old Friends and Making New Ones

Community is a big part of living in Laguna Niguel, and the city offers a number of options for residents looking to connect with one another. El Niguel Country Club is a private country club providing golf, dining and entertainment options for members and their families.

The pride of the country club is its 18-hole championship golf course, which offers a challenge to players of all skill levels. Members can also choose to hold casual and formal events within the country club’s walls, and several members opt to have their weddings the El Niguel.


Meanwhile, the Sea County Senior and Community Center is a community open to Laguna Niguel residents age 50 and up. The perfect community for people who are newly retired or switching to part-time work, Sea County Senior and Community Center offers a number of activities and ways to socialize.

Some of the featured amenities at the center include a billiards room, computer lab, fitness center and library. The center is also equipped with a lounge, outdoor courtyard and a number of meeting rooms, ballrooms and kitchens. While the park is exclusively meant for retirement-age guests during weekdays, it can be rented out for events targeting wider demographics for special occasions.

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